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Tree Sculptures in Priory Park

ARC supports people to access and engage with the outdoors for their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

ARC were recently invited by the Friends of Priory Park to initiate a Nature trail around the park to engage the community in this wonderful green space in Warwick Town Centre.

With funding from Warwickshire County Council Councillors Fund, and guidance from Warwick District Council’s Green Space officers, we commissioned woodcarving expert Graham Jones to co-create a number of sculptures out of deadwood in the Park.

Priory Park_Carving Poster FINAL

The wood carving demonstrations took place on two (fortunately) glorious sunny days in November and early December.

In creating the pieces, Graham takes creative guidance from the people and places around him – as well as the wood itself. Using a small chainsaw as well as hand tools – the creatures quickly appeared from the woodwork!

Graham Carving Oak SMALL

People were invited to come and watch the demonstrations and give their suggestions….

Woodpeckers have often been seen in the oaks along the brook – and therefore a woodpecker design was decided upon for the first Oak tree carving.

Small  Woodpecker sMALL  Oak Leaf


Along the ridge, nuthatches were spotted the morning of the demonstrations, so were incorporated into the work. Along with a mouse, dragonfly and ‘nessie’ the dinosaur of PrioryPark!

Graham Carving Sycamore SMALL  Dragonfly

There are plans for Graham to return to the park in the New Year for some further creations.


Kristie Naimo (ARC Director), Dave Skinner (FOPP) and Graham Jones (woodcarver)

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