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Adult Wellbeing in Nature

ARC supports people to access and engage with the outdoors for their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Spending time amongst trees and plants has many health and wellbeing benefits.

Being amongst green leaves has a calming effect on our bodies and minds. Research has shown that time in nature reduces our blood pressure, lowers stress and boosts our immune system. The benefits are even more significant when we get involved in outdoor activities with others. You start to feel more confident, less socially isolated and simply happier!

ARC’s Wellbeing in Nature sessions brings these elements together, helping you to be active in nature and spend time with others to improve your physical and mental health.

Weekly Sessions

Our weekly sessions are for you if you are experiencing mild to moderate mental health challenges, feel isolated or alone, or are on an addiction recovery pathway.


Tallis Wood Wellbeing offers a course of 8 weekly sessions (10am til 3pm) at a woodland just outside Radford Semele, to help you with your wellbeing goals.


ARC are working to develop Wellbeing in Nature Days for Business groups to help you bring your team together and experience the benefits of working collectively in nature.

ARC have been delivering Wellbeing in Nature sessions for over 8 years. These were established initially at Foundry Wood and have grown from there…Previously we called these sessions ‘Ecotherapy’.

You can watch the 5 minute video below made as part of a ‘Making Local Woods Work’ pilot programme we took part in between 2016 – 2018

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