Achieving Results in Communities

Children and Youth in Nature

ARC deliver a number of different activities with children and young people.

Doing outdoor social activity reduces social isolation, builds confidence and makes you feel happy!

ARC’s Wellbeing in Nature sessions can help you to be active and connect to the natural world for positive physical and mental health benefits.

Our weekly sessions and courses are aimed at adults who experience mild to moderate mental health challenges, feel socially isolated, or are on a recovery pathway from an addiction.

We are also currently developing Wellbeing in Nature Days for Business groups.

Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring in Nature is an early intervention scheme for pupils in Years 7 and 8 who are struggling with their engagement in mainstream learning and the classroom environment.

Lillington Youth

The Hanging Gardens of Lillington project has engaged young people to transform the outdoor areas of Lillington Youth Club from a drab concrete walk-through into a bright and productive space for growing organic food.

Children’s Forest

We are engaging a number of local schools as well as members of the general public to support children to develop genuine care for the natural world.

School and group education visits to Foundry Wood

ARC facilitate schools and other groups of children to visit Foundry Wood.

Children’s parties at Foundry Wood

ARC offer facilitated children’s parties at Foundry Wood.
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